What is Smart factory?

A smart factory is a digitised manufacturing facility that uses connected devices, machinery and production systems to continuously collect and share data. This data is then used to inform decisions to improve processes as well as address any issues that may arise.

What is the impact of the smart factory on enterprises?

A smart digital factory works by integrating machines, people, and Big Data into a single, digitally connected ecosystem. A smart factory not only curates and analyzes data, it actually learns from experience. It interprets and gains insights from data sets to forecast trends and events and to recommend and implement smart manufacturing workflows and automated processes. A smart factory continuous procedural improvement to self-correct and self-optimize – it can teach itself (and humans) to be more resilient, productive, and safe.

  • Integrate all OT with IT to enable accurate data analytics and use for better decision-making.
  • Process Optimization
  • Using the appropriate data, comprehend and monitor quality. Consider each step of the production process in detail.

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